Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is probably the best example of collaboration between Susan and myself.  While I tend to be a realist, artistically, Susan is far more an abstract expressionist.  The original sketch of this piece is nothing like the final product.  I believe Susan and I sat in the studio for hours crossing out lines and replacing them before we were satisfied with this.  For example, I wasn’t happy with the amount of branches visible though a tree with full foliage.  Susan countered that this was going to be more an ‘idea’ of a tree than a photo-realistic rendering.  In the end, she was absolutely right.  We were fortunate to find the perfect glass for the trunk, limbs and roots.  I wish you could feel the texture of the glass itself, but this piece sold some months back.  An interesting story behind this piece is that, while it was still on display in a gallery, a live bat came to perch on it.  The gallery owners opened one morning and, there he was.  While this picture hardly does it justice, you can see the bat in image on the right.  Click on the image for a full-size view.