Agate Box

Besides the classic stained-glass window, there is so much that can be created with the raw materials.  We enjoy making boxes, among other things.  This box came about when we came across a wonderful selection of agate slices at a local shop.  While already polished, the slices are a bit rough and raw around the edges.  The material is very similar to glass and we were able to smooth it down and incorporate it into a box lid.  A big part of the challenge is choosing the right glass to work with.  The pebbled amber glass in the lid just seemed to match the slice perfectly.  So much so that we put in a mirrored bottom so that the lid reflects back.  The opaque sides finished the design, and we added a silver chain (not viewable in this picture) to hold the lid open.  This piece is currently on display and for sale at Celebrations Gallery and Shoppes in Pomfret, CT.