We’d like to welcome you to our brand-new website.  We have also added an online store.

We have just added a new section to our site, featuring our all new and exclusive Spirit Pendants.  SKU J0016Also, you can check out our stained glass window “Samhain” in our store.


If you own a gift shop or gallery and would like to feature some of our work, we’d love to talk to you!  Please contact us here.

We’ll be adding updates to this page on a regular basis.  We’d like to think of it as a sort of catch-all for our ideas and progress in the studio.  Please check back often and see what’s going on at OSGS!

Besides the classic stained-glass window, there is so much that can be created with the raw materials.  We enjoy making boxes, among other things.  This box came about when we came across a wonderful selection of agate slices at a local shop.  While already polished, the slices are a bit rough and raw around the edges.  The material is very similar to glass and we were able to smooth it down  Read more

The Tree of Life is probably the best example of collaboration between Susan and myself.  While I tend to be a realist, artistically, Susan is far more an abstract expressionist.  The original sketch of this piece is nothing like the final product.  I believe Susan and I sat in the studio for hours crossing out lines and replacing them before we were satisfied with this.  For example, I wasn’t happy with the amount of branches  Read more

Years ago I was inspired to create a window featuring a raven perched on a pumpkin in front of the moon.  The final product is shown to the left.  Over the years this piece has seen a lot of revisions.  I’ve toned it down a bit, modified the pumpkin, taken out the wood cross-sections in the corners Read more